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  • Wednesday ,19 December 2012

Either Egypt or MB!

Michel Fahmy

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Wednesday ,19 December 2012

Either Egypt or MB!

A gang called the Muslim Brotherhood has been exposed along with its allies. Their filthy goals, means, and ideology in which they trade on religion nonstop were exposed as well. They have become just like a rat that caught fire and became very scared that it spread the fire everywhere.

Has everything in Egypt lost mind and courage to face those Islamists, who are in fact, the most enemies of Islam, and they only apply a Zionist plan!

Morsy’s gang is so confused that they can’t even steal or forge as they’re both stupid and haughty. Their spokespeople who appear all the time in most televisions are only exposing their MB before public opinion after Egypt had paid a terrible price from the blood of its young people and its economy. Now more people know the truth about Muslim Brotherhood.

In fact, Morsy and his MB have committed more crimes than Mubarak that they should replace him in the prison. MB has tried to destroy Egypt, and dismantle its institutions and army...etc. However, God blessed Egypt in the Old Testament saying: “Blessed is Egypt My people”. God saved her from schemes and conspiracy of MB, and gave strength to the Egyptians to struggle for their freedom before they completely lose it.

Initiative of the Egyptian armed forces to hold a discussion between the presidency and the civil currents was a lifeline for Morsy and his gang that they refused, as they insist on leading Egypt to a civil war by their constitutional declarations, reckless decisions and constitution, which they insist on in spite of the public disproval of the people and the other political forces. Furthermore, they attacked Al-Wafd party and newspaper, threatening other parties, newspapers and mass media. As they refuse all other solutions, Egypt won’t find rest till Morsy disappears along with his gang.