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  • Wednesday ,10 May 2017

Terrorism has no religion

By-Dr. Aida Nassif

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Wednesday ,10 May 2017

Terrorism has no religion

Many times did the media, intellectuals and clerics repeated the phrase “Terrorism has no religion”. The truth is: “Terrorism has an ideology made from wrong interpretation of religious texts. Many people claim that terrorism has no religion and forget about its religious origin that enables the terrorists to kill police men and soldiers who protect this country in addition to innocent Coptic citizens.

Nowadays, terrorism all over the world decided to have certain rules and ideology. Terrorists depend on religious texts and mix them with extremism and hatred to make new religion.

We are now witnessing bloody terrorism and political violence confined to a great ideology. Intellectual terrorism and bloody terrorism are two sides of one coin that is sweeping the world. Therefore, we have to search for the reasons for such phenomena.

There must be a genuine desire for coexistence, dialogue, peace and the elimination of terrorism, whose objective is to win political interests at the first place. Therefore, violence must be rejected in all its forms including killing of innocent people and rejecting all forms of injustice and terrorism.

Confronting terrorism should be an international goal and has to be followed by complementary international efforts. Police and conferences can’t stop terrorism without real intentions to face it. Such desire should be the unified language to solve the problem.

We have to find the roots of terrorism in all its forms to eliminate them. Terrorists attack other people because they are different from them since they mixed politics with religion and all aspects of life. They honor some extremist ideology to make them holy. We have to unite against terrorism by spreading a culture of tolerance and dialogue, accepting the other people even if they are different. We should realize that terrorism is a global phenomenon.