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Removing the veil

Others | 14 October 2009
IN the midst of the intense uproar over the niqab (full- face veil),the Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar,Egypt 's top Muslim cleric,has come under fire for ordering a schoolgirl to remove her niqab and .. More

A wise initiative

Others | 13 October 2009
The Government has disclosed a wise initiative to encourage university and school leavers, who are willing to abandon forever the classic dream of hoping for very poorly paid jobs in .. More

Does he deserve the prize?

Others | 12 October 2009
“Dynamite and prizes - those are the two things that Alfred Nobel left behind one century ago”, wrote Abeer Saedi of Al-Akhbar semi-official newspaper, yesterday, commenting on President Barack .. More

Mixed responses to Obama's Nobel

Others | 11 October 2009
A collective 'Oh!' echoed around the world after US President Barack Obama was selected as the winner of this year's Nobel Peace Prize. In Egypt, veteran journalist Mohamed Fouda of Al-Messa evening .. More

How can you stop the violence in Egypt?

Morris Sadek | 10 October 2009
It is very hard to believe that in the 21st century, security and equality for Christians in Egypt is still a dream. The Copts are the largest minority in the world without rights!.. More

Problems on hold:Persecution of Copts

Youseef Sidhom | 10 October 2009
Last week I tackled the grievances of the Copts of the parish of Maghagha and Adawa in Minya, Upper Egypt, regarding the building and renovation of places of worship. I cited two cases of flagrant.. More

Changing its mind

Others | 7 October 2009
THE Government 's enthusiasm for privatisation,in order to offload State-owned factories and companies,seems to be waning. Several landmines have inevitably exploded in the face of the .. More

Israeli war crimes report on hold

Others | 6 October 2009
"THE Palestinians and Arabs have the full right to be angry at the UN Human Rights Council's decision to postpone debating the report of Judge Richard Goldstone that accuses Israel of committing crimes against humanity during its war on Gaza," Ibrahim Se'da wrote in Al-.. More

Obama loses a great deal of his charm

Others | 5 October 2009
“THE US woke up a few days ago to find that their 'black superman 'whom they thought capable of convincing any gathering of what he proposes has failed the test of the Olympic committee .. More

Coptic Foundation for Human Rights

Others | 5 October 2009
The Coptic Foundation for Human Rights in Zurich is a foundation established under Swiss Law. The foundation's goal is to protect the Christian minorities in Egypt and other victims of persecution and .. More

Theory and practice in schools

Others | 4 October 2009
After week-long delay, the new school year in Egypt started yesterday against the background of a co-ordinated plan between the Ministries of Education and Health that incorporates necessary .. More

Problems on hold :Collective punishment

Youseef Sidhom | 3 October 2009
Many disputes which arise between Muslims and Copts are hastily termed “sectarian incidents” and are used to cite persecution against Copts. However, I should like to draw a distinction between .. More

Please explain

Others | 3 October 2009
IT seems that the Government will have to spend a long time licking the wounds it has sustained in its battle to reduce the dramatic impact of the global financial crisis on the domestic economy... More

Ambivalence on normalisation

Others | 30 September 2009
THE recent visit paid by the Israeli Ambassador in Cairo to the office of Hala Moustafa,the editor of Democracy magazine,one of the publications of Al-Ahram press institution,has echoed widely in the .. More


Nabil Assad | 29 September 2009
I would like to Thank Mr. Clooney for inviting regular everyday people like us to express our opinion and have our voices heard. My name is Nabil Mikhail, I am an American citizen, but I was born .. More

The future of Egypt's political system

Others | 28 September 2009
We reached a conclusion in last week's article that what is being said about "the bequeathal of power" in Egypt is not just an "illusion contrived by the opposition and believed in" as alleged by members of the .. More

Farouk Hosni and the conspiracy theory

Others | 27 September 2009
Following Farouk Hosni's losing bid to UNESCO, official sources in Egypt said, "The European-American alliance and the Jewish lobby managed to defeat the Egyptian candidate for UNESCO, Culture.. More

Farouk Hosny: Victim or offender?

Youseef Sidhom | 26 September 2009
Tharwat Ukasha was Egypt’s Minister of Culture during the years between 1958 and 1962, then again in 1969 and 1970. A man of encyclopaedic knowledge, enlightened, and well informed, Dr Ukasha .. More

Left to die

Others | 26 September 2009
For a long time now, we have been hearing complaints about the inhuman treatment poor patients, even emergency cases, receive at certain private and investment hospitals... More

Was Egypt right to slaughter its pigs?

Others | 23 September 2009
Complexity is a funny thing. Last year, I wrote about its scarier implications in the event of a deadly pandemic (much deadlier, please note, than the flu pandemic now under way), and, taking .. More

My country discusses human rights

Others | 22 September 2009
Two great leaders, President Hosni Mubarak and President Barack Obama, met in Washington this week for friendly and fruitful talks in which they dealt with critical matters of interest to their two countries – Iran's nuclear programme, peace with Israel and the situation in Darfur... More