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  • Wednesday ,18 November 2020

Talking hands

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Wednesday ,18 November 2020

Talking hands

 Deputy Governor of Minya, Dr. Muhammad Mahmoud Abu Zeid, launched the Speaking Hands initiative to train officials of public service departments on sign language and how to deal with people with special needs effectively. This way,  Minya Governorate in Upper Egypt became the first governorate of the Republic to adopt this initiative.

This announcement came in the presence of Dr. Iman Al-Sharif, consultant of training and entrepreneurship in the governorate, and a number of senior officials in Minya.
The Deputy Governor of Minya stressed the importance of the idea to support the public service department to develop its service for the Egyptian citizens.
I love the idea that aim to raise the efficiency of the administrative department and helps in integration of people with special needs hoping to be followed by all governorates in Egypt.