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  • Wednesday ,23 September 2020

The Church is targeted

by Pastor Magdi Zachary

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Wednesday ,23 September 2020

The Church is targeted

 The Church is currently exposed to a state of violent attacks on the foundations of its faith that built over centuries through clear concepts and the teaching of the pure Word of God. We believe it was saved from all deception until the emergence of liberal Christian theology.

Liberal Christian theology focuses on the logic of man and his being the ultimate authority in liberal Christian teaching, which is not Christian at all. Liberal theologians seek to reconcile Christianity with secular science and modern thinking. As such, they consider science to be knowledge, and that the Bible is full of myths and errors. They dare to say that the first chapters of Genesis are just poetry or fiction that carries a message, but they should not be taken literally.
They do not consider humanity to be completely corrupt, so they hold an optimistic view of the future of the human race through being nice to other people.
As a result of this thinking, they started to consider the following: 1- The Bible is not (God-inspired) and has errors. 2- The virgin birth of Christ is a mythical false teaching. But this directly contradicts (Isaiah 7: 14 and Luke 2-3) 4- Christ was a good moral teacher, but his disciples and then their disciples distorted the story of his life as recorded by the Holy Word (they deny supernatural miracles), as the Gospels were written years later and attributed For the early students to add weight to their teachings. 5- Hell is not a reality and a person does not perish because of sin. 6 - Most of the people who wrote the Bible are not what we traditionally think. For example, Moses did not write the first five books of the Bible, and the book of Daniel was written by two people, because it is impossible that the "detailed prophecies" in the last chapters were known in advance! 7 - The most important thing a person does is to “love” his neighbor. Love is not doing what the Bible says is good, but what liberal theologians have determined is good. They dare to deny the valuable blood of Jesus Christ and its effect to renew our nature. (2 Corinthians 5:17)