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  • Friday ,02 March 2012

Dous Adly Dous: Man of credibility

By-Youssef Salama



Friday ,02 March 2012

Dous Adly Dous: Man of credibility

 I don't pretend to be a relative or even a close friend of him, though it would be such an honor. I only knew him through Facebook just as hundreds of people do. But I find him a very special one. 

A man who has made his name, world, history, glory, and became so distinguishable with a unique creativity; a man who doesn’t belong to our time or place, but to his intelligence; a man who belongs to the Coptic community, but he escaped jail of minority and opened his mind to the whole world in smart, and civilized way. He belongs to a prestigious well-known family and to the high class as a special diplomat who earned a PHD. Dous didn’t limit himself to live with his family or coworkers in the high class, as many others do, but he opened his mind and heart to every class of the community spontaneously as an ordinary man, not only to show modesty or to feel for the others. He has a very rich personality that can deal with a very simple person as well as the most educated one. The man is aware of each segment of the community; how they feel, and how they think. This is the secret of his social intelligence and his ability to communicate with everyone showing his experience and understanding. I can only express his personality saying he is exemplary courage with challenges and with facing the whole community including the judiciary, ministry of interiors, ministry of foreign affairs, Intelligence agency and police, while he is alone having no weapon save his knowledge, manners, strength and his fighting for the right to live in a country that respects human rights, challenging this way very old regime and refusing at the same time the natural fear of humans. I believe that his boldness and courage are way higher than self confidence. Socially, He is a charismatic person, as well as being so favorable, valued, and respected amongst all his friends. The man has his own vocabulary and expressions that is so sarcastic considering politics and social situation. His creativity was set clear as he transferred friendship from the regular form to a higher level of understanding and disclosure. 
Dous respected his friends and readers, opened most, if not all, files of the case in a very objective and honest way. Consequently, his friends loved, respected, and cared for him and his life. For the first time in Egypt a man from the elite opens a personal case and transfers it to be a public opinion one, thanks to his credibility. Participation of his friends and lovers in that case is not a matter of courtesy but of belief that his case is fair, and it is the case of all of them. It’s a kind of unity that has been achieved between Dr. Dous and a lot of Egyptians. I can say that Dous was just an eminent person, and now he is a legend. I also salute his honest friend Ms. Manal Tawfik for her nobility and her situation. Last but not least, no one can deny his patriotism, devotion, and belonging to Egypt. I remember one of his posts on Facebook saying: “I am going to “Tahrir Square” not caring if I die” (God forbid). He said that he is not better than those who were martyred. God perserve you for Egypt, your friends, lovers, and readers. You’re a symbol for good, truth, and beauty. You should know that history will mention you forever.
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