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  • Friday ,02 March 2012

Whats in it for the US and the West?

By- Sherif Mansour



Friday ,02 March 2012

Whats in it for the US and the West?

 With the come back of our Copts United English website I found the time has come to continue educating the western people on what their governments doing in the Middle East. 

When I say what is next, most of us will question what was before to think this is next. Very will, we told the west quarter a century ago the Whabbies are after the distraction of the western civilization and they did not listen. Do you still remember September 11? We alerted the west years before it happened and they did not listen. 
Now let us open your eyes on what is going to happen next after the foolish political well in the white house inertly replaced Mubarak’s dictatorship regime with another far foolish and arrogant one.
I am not going to claim I know more than the big shuts advisors in the Obama’s administration , or I have more resources than what the white house have from behind  closed door relations with the Muslims brotherhood the outlawed underground radical , racially motivated religious organization who is  anti Jewish and anti Christians  movements. The US administrations supported these radical movements while they are outlawed by the Egyptian courts for decades and still to this time.  For decades the Muslims brotherhood and the blunter radical Salfi which is gaining ground in Egypt very quickly in Egypt, are heavily funded by the Saudi and the Arabian Gulf states. These are facts and no one can deny them, and no one dare to question why these actions are blessed by the US administrations now and then? What’s in it for the US? And where are the rights of the minorities in Egypt? Why the US and the West is silent and when they speak up, in a shy language they only issues useless press releases, when Christians in Egypt are facing to the racial and ethnic cleansing alone. The US president reaction to Masspero massacre happened in October of 2011 told the victims to restrain themselves!!  
Compare it to drastic actions by the west against the Syrian regime on its efforts to crack down on the outlawed Syrian branch of the Muslims brotherhood in Syria Or this is another deal to evocates the Middle East Muslim countries from Christians ? It seems the west will benefit from the Christians who are highly educated and peace loving people. And give the Middle East to the radical Islam ? My question is what’s in it for the US and the West ?