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  • Thursday ,12 September 2019

Feast for confessors

by Ashraf Helmy

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Thursday ,12 September 2019

Feast for confessors

 Our Coptic churches in Egypt and other countries of the Diaspora celebrate the feast of Martyrs (Nayrouz ) which comes on August 11 of each year. It is also known as the Egyptian New Year in the Middle Ages during the Mamluk rule.

It is known that Christianity introduced many saints and millions of martyrs and confessors as a result of their persecution from the early Christian times in the first centuries to the fourth century under the era of the Roman Empire. Under the Islamic caliphate many martyrs have been killed and persecuted till today by terrorist groups supported by Islamists.
Christianity has also offered millions of confessors who were subjected to torture and persecution without martyrdom. The Church placed them in the rank of martyrs and raised them to the episcopal rank after the end of Diocletian s reign.
The Holy Synod of our Coptic Orthodox Church decided last year headed by Pope Tawadros II to name February 15 as a feast for the martyrs of the Church in the modern era, which is commemorating the martyrdom of the Copts of Libya who have adhered to their Christian faith and many martyrs who have been recently killed for their faith. Those who have been injured were called confessors.
Our church celebrates and hail the martyrs and confessors and call their names on the churches and monasteries. Their accounts are mentioned in the Synaxarium. Their relics are celebrated and magnified in the martyrs feasts. Among them, for example, are Saints Peyman, John, Abanoub, Jacob, Melanius and Pope Athanasius as well as the saints Virgin Mary, Saint Nolasadonita. Shall we celebrate a day for the confessors in order to appreciate their role in saving the faith just like we celebrate a feast of the martyrs associated with the Coptic New Year.