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  • Thursday ,22 November 2018

Personal Status Law for Christians ... Still in the Church s Court!

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Thursday ,22 November 2018

Personal Status Law for Christians ... Still in the Church s Court!

On 21 October I wrote an article entitled: Question to the church, government and parliament: Where is the personal status law of Christians? I talked about the importance of this law to the Christians in Egypt to allow them to follow their own legislations. This was at the beginning of the recent round of the House of representatives whose plan included the general personal status law. I wondered: where is the dedicated law for the Copts that was mentioned right after the constitution of 2014? If it is still with the church, why is it still waiting out there? If it is by the cabinet, why wasn t it sent to the Parliament? If it is by the Parliament, why it was not passed?

After I published that article, I started searching for the answers. I started with the church, though it was not likely to be there; however, it was! 
Sources in the church told me that the law is still at the church s Court and it was not yet sent to the government, as it is still being revised by the Catholic church, before it is finally passed to the government.
In fact, I couldn t understand the reasons behind such delay, which exceeded 4 years. The church is the sole beneficiary and the sole loser from that law. I hope such delay comes to an end and the law is passed soon. Moreover, I hope it will include the equality between men and women concerning the inheritance.