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  • Friday ,23 May 2014

Muslim Brotherhood: Sisi might inspire Libya’s Haftar to follow in his footsteps


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Friday ,23 May 2014

Muslim Brotherhood: Sisi might inspire Libya’s Haftar to follow in his footsteps

Libya’s Karama battle, led by General Khalifa Haftar, caused controversy over the relations between the happenings in Libya and the ousting of former President Mohamed Morsi in Egypt. Many people believe that Egypt’s June 30 inspired the former military leader Haftar to adopt hostile position against the Islamists. According to Tehran Times, the Egyptian army performed a major role in the current in an attempt to overthrow the Libyan regime. “Egypt’s military organized a training camp on the Libyan borders with Egypt to prepare Haftar’s soldiers to raise chaos to pave the way and execute a military coup against the current regime,” according to the published report Thursday. Haftar denied any Egyptian role in the recent developments in Libya, stressing that his military operation aims to eliminate extremists and the Muslim Brotherhood from Libya. He said the existence of such groups pose serious threat against his country, accusing them of exercising terrorist actions. Leader of Libya’s Muslim Brotherhood Bashir Al-Kabty denied that they are involved in any terrorist actions there. He attempted to repeat what happened in Egypt by suspending the parliament. He called to conduct national dialogue including different parties without excluding any. “I am looking forward to meet with Egyptian presidential candidate Abdel Fatah al-Sisi as an efficient military leader who leads his country to achieve stability,” Haftar said in an interview with Arabeya channel. Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood condemned the recent developments in Libya, saying that General Haftar attempted to repeat the Egyptian scenario by organizing a military coup against the elected authorities in Libya. “Haftar adopted the same claims adopted by Sisi; he does not aim to seize power,” the movement added in a statement Wednesday and that Sisi did not honor their commitments in this regard. Haftar denied that he intends to run for the president in Libya: “The priority should be to achieve security to live in peace with our neighbors. The matter of presidency should be left to the future.” The Muslim Brotherhood described Haftar as Libya’s Sisi, blaming the Egyptian media channels and newspapers for supporting the coup against legitimacy. Director General of International Union for Muslim Scholars Aki Al-Qora Daghy said the failure of Haftar’s coup will lead to the failure of the military coup in Egypt. He adopts the same claims as Sisi to eliminate the Muslim Brotherhood. “What happens in Libya aims to support the remnants of the former regimes in the Arab countries to undermine the Arab revolutions,” Dagy said on his Twitter account.