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  • Friday ,05 April 2019

The Battle of Liberation

By-Abram Rifaat

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Friday ,05 April 2019

The Battle of Liberation
Historically, the ancient Egyptian king Ahmose led the Egyptians in the battle of Liberation against the Hyksos, the tribes that Egypt and occupied it for nearly a hundred years. When Egypt decided to restore its land, the King Ahmose was the leader of its army that followed them to the borders of Palestine.
In the past years, the Egyptian society has been subjected to a serious intellectual and cultural invasion that negatively affected Egyptian identity and ideology after the extremists reached the presidential palace leading to the division of Egyptians following the ugly ideas and retardation that affected the Egyptian society.
The battle of awareness has started to lead us in the way. This battle is critical to save the community.
In the past, Ahmose led our ancestors to liberate our country, and today it is the role of the grandchildren to follow the words of Guevara that Liberators do not exist, and people liberate themselves. We must bear in mind the common humanity as a priority to resolve all conflicts resulting from intellectual differences.