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  • Thursday ,22 August 2013

The moderate Islamic legend

Moomen Sallam

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Thursday ,22 August 2013

The moderate Islamic legend

The United States allied with political Islamists against communism and the Soviet Union. Soon, this trained ally was turned into an armed monster in Afghanistan. This monster turned against America and many Arab and Islamic countries that previously supported him with money and weapons. A wave of terrorism started in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and African countries in the nineties against American targets, till it reached its peak on September 9, 2001. 

America had to move to eliminate terrorism that she had created. Here, the idea of moderate Islamists was presented. According to it, the moderate Islamist is a peaceful Islamist. He may work in politics, and believe in democracy as well as the rotation of power; respects women, believes in citizenship, and more importantly is not hostile to U.S. interests. The plan was to ally with the moderate Islamists in order to eliminate the extremist Islamic. 
At that time, the Muslim Brotherhood presented itself as a moderate Islamic group. It declared it renounce violence, but never renounced its terrorist crimes since the forties to the sixties, or even the terrorist attacks of the Jihadists, al-Qaeda or Islamic Group. Moreover, it called some terrorists, like Osama bin Laden, as Martyrs. It kept talking about believing in democracy, freedom, citizenship and acceptance of the circulation of power, as if it was trying to prove it's good enough to ally with the American Administration. 
In fact, I must point out that the relations between Muslim Brotherhood and America has started a long time before Saad Eddin Ibrahim. It has started since the very beginning of the organization through Said Ramadan, son-in-law of MB founder Hassan al-Banna. I believe that Saad Eddin Ibrahim has only witnessed the final touches of MB taking over power in the Middle East. 
The former regimes in Egypt believed the lie of moderate Islamists and unleashed the Muslim Brotherhood hoping they will eliminate armed terrorist groups. After the elimination of targeted terrorist in the nineties, Mubarak's regime had to face the strong MB. Yet, instead of using civil parties to face them, it used another Islamic party, which is the Salafists. Mubarak didn't realize that the Islamists are all the same, which was proven after the revolution of June 25 as the Islamists were fighting for power.
Yet, those Islamists were so stupid to try to seize Egypt and to control all aspects of the state doing their best to exclude all other parties and currents in very short time. In fact, Egypt was so lucky they did so as their real ugly faces were released before the people. Therefore, millions of Egyptians have demonstrated demanding Morsy and his gang overthrown.
Here, their masks have fallen and they appeared to be bloody terrorists with different names like Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic group, Jihad, Salafi.. etc. All of them believe in violence and hate democracy. They hate everything that's not Muslim, despise women, contradict freedom, and deny the idea of homeland. Finally, the legend of moderate Islamists has fallen.