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  • Friday ,28 December 2018

Mubarak Contradiction

Magdy Malak

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Sunday ,30 December 2018

Mubarak Contradiction

I followed the ex-president Mubarak testimony about what happened since Jan 25, 2011 and after that time. Unfortunately, Mubarak testimony showed a lot of contradiction on what he has mentioned about the Muslim Brotherhood and its role in the chaos happened in breaking through a lot of prison that time.

Mubarak keep focusing on one story and it seems he doesn t remember anything else or he wasn t aware of what happened at that time. Mubarak keeps mentioning about that there are 800 militant breaks through the border and attacked the prisons in Rafah, Al arish and Sheikh Zoyad”.
Mubarak speech shows without doubt that he wasn t able to continue in power for one more day from all aspects from his mental health and his physical health which supports the thoughts and rumors was saying that Gamal and His Mom was controlling the decision in the presidential palace.
In fact, we need to rewrite the history of that period and we need to seize the opportunity that Mubarak still alive, otherwise, we will lose a lot of details of that time.
In conclusion, Mubarak testimony is important but we can t rely on it alone and neglect other factors and other people were more involved.