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  • Thursday ,30 June 2016

Lambs among wolves


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Thursday ,30 June 2016

Lambs among wolves

Jesus Christ said to His disciples “I am sending you like lambs among wolves” in order to show them that the way won’t be easy. However, He promised them that enduring such hardships will lead them to the Kingdom of heaven. Therefore, all of his disciples and followers should evangelize His love and teachings.

Father John Nassif, priest of St. Mary Church in Chicago said in his article "lambs among wolves," that God promised to protect us from the wolves. However, children of God should take heed unless they face the danger of those wolves.
Jesus Christ also warned against the wolves who claim to be lambs. Thus, he calls his lambs to be wise enough to differentiate between true and fake lambs.
In fact, the lambs are only powerful when their shepherd is around. Jesus Christ gave them power to tread on all power of the enemy. Lambs are brave since they trust the shepherd will save them from all danger. 
We have to preach the name of the Lord Jesus not fearing the wolves. We have to witness His love and give good examples. We should spread His words and love among all people for the sake of our love of Jesus and to save many souls.