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  • Tuesday ,08 September 2015

In the name of the children of martyrs

Gergis Wahib

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Tuesday ,08 September 2015

In the name of the children of martyrs

The first parliamentary elections after the glorious revolution of June 30 will be elected soon. This parliament is very important for Egypt with several challenges inside and outside Egypt. 

America, the supporter of terrorism around the world, is working against the Egyptian state. Therefore, it supports the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafis aiming to turn Egypt into another Syria, Iraq, Libya or Yemen. 
The parliament comes under a new constitution that expanded the powers of the Parliament against the powers of the president. 
The Parliamentary elections comes under great economic crisis in Egypt. The government has boldly opened several cases like public employees and subsidized food. This demands a bold parliament to take bold decisions and pass bold laws. 
The political situation in Egypt witnesses great division and chaos. Therefore, it should be reliable parliament. It’s the responsibility of the Egyptians to elect good candidates who are able to serve the country at such critical moment.
I invite all Egyptians to scrutinize their choices for the sake of all martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the sake of this nation, and for the sake of their children and widows.
We should care the most for our country rather than our personal interests. We shouldn’t put into consideration the religion, race and gender of the candidate. Rather, we should care for his or her ability to serve the country. A good parliament is crucial for the current phase and is the responsibility of us all.