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  • Tuesday ,03 December 2013

We are all killers and murderers




Tuesday ,03 December 2013

We are all killers and murderers

 Are train accidents a normal thing, that when you hear the news you apathetically continue with whatever you were doing? Do assassinations and murders on the streets leave you unsurprised and unfazed? Do the wails and screams of mothers over their murdered children not affect your feelings?

Do you feel that the ongoing battle between parties does not represent you and that all parties do not represent you? Do you feel fed up, sad and want to emigrate without turning back, to another place where there is no killing, sadness or pain? Do you still not see that Egypt’s problems are failure, incompetence and mismanagement?
Do you still think that the revolution is a mere outcry and protest? Do you still insist on not admitting you were wrong and that bloodshed from infants killed in the Dahshour train incident will make you feel ashamed from insisting you were right?
Are you hurt by screams of a mother who lost her child who was shot 12 times without any reason, ending his life and dreams? Will you be in pain when you see innocent soldiers killed at Sinai and other places, going back home in coffins draped with Egyptian flags?
If you want to purify yourself, to relieve your conscience, if want to wash away the blood from your hands then accept the truth that you are running from; you are a murderer, I am and everyone else is too.
We killed those who passed away for no reason that happened because we failed to fulfill the revolution’s goals after being divided; refusing to listen to each other and not managing our differences in a civilized way.
We murdered children when we were not able to fix the state’s institutions and failed to restructure the state’s administration, this lead to continued corruption, failure. The incompetent system continues to act as the grim reaper for more human beings.
Politicians had their differences which lead to the death of many innocent people as a price for that haphazard struggle, it does make any difference who was killed and who killed who, this is because every party sees that it is right and that its victims are worth killing and crushing without any remorse.
We wasted martyrs’ rights when we settled for repeating slogans like “either we die like them, or we take revenge for them” without having the slightest idea about how to achieve such a thing.
We had no idea how to struggle to avenge them or to achieve true transitional justice, justice that fulfils revenge for the murdered and giving people what they deserve. Every one of us claims to belong to the ones who made the revolution but we have no idea what should be done to fulfill its goals.
Loud and public speeches filled the air, these speeches poisoned people’s minds and resulted in burying people and do we still see having “men of state” those who can run the state are the revolution’s most important duty?
In the past we used to expose our opponents and condemn their deeds and behavior while we do the same things our opponents used to do now, so should we not feel somehow two-faced, hypocritical? Should we not try to revaluate our behavior and try to regain our lost humanity?
Should we not start considering losing the denial complex and facing the most difficult thing to face, that those who do the same acts over and over again while expecting to have different results are insane?
The success of the revolution depends on fulfilling its aims, building our homeland again, and moving forward, so will it be possible?