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  • Tuesday ,19 November 2013

Dear Pope Tawadros, The quota is inevitable!

Michel Fahmy

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Tuesday ,19 November 2013

Dear Pope Tawadros, The quota is inevitable!

When he was chosen as pope, Abba Tawadros promised to repair the house from inside and to stay away from politics. However, after one year, he has fulfilled none of these two promises. Nothing has been fixed in the house and politics are mixed with pastoral care.

Recently, Pope Tawadros refused the so-called Coptic quota or affiramtive action in the parliamentary councils' elections proving that his holiness doesn’t realize the problem of the Copts in Egypt and the sectarian intolerance that destroyed many churches and killed many Copts by people shouting: “Egypt is an Islamic country!”. Furthermore, they refuse to congratulate the Christians on their feasts...etc.
Giving the current surroundings, does the pope expects Coptic candidates to win the elections through ballot boxes? In fact, very few of them could survive such elections, which never express the real numbers of the Copts in Egypt. How come he comes to such conclusion and decision that should affect the future of many Coptic Christians? Does he expects the president to consult him over appointing 5% of the parliament to choose them of the Copts!
Dear Pope, quota or positive discrimination is not new to the world. It is applied in many countries, and won’t last forever. Yet, having so many illiterate people in Egypt, we have to give a hand to the Copts in order to survive such poisonous political atmosphere until the Egyptians get used to vote for the good candidates without thinking about thier religion, just like decades ago.
Finally, I ask your holiness to form a consultation committee from counselors and politicians to help you take your political decisions as long as you insist to work in politics. However, I only have my advice to offer, as I am far from running in the parliamentary elections or joining any of your committees.