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  • Friday ,15 November 2013

Atheism in Egypt: Fact or Fiction?

Moomen Sallam

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Friday ,15 November 2013

Atheism in Egypt: Fact or Fiction?

Many people believe that atheism is a new phenomenon to Egypt. Well, this is not true. Writer Ismael Adham wrote an article entitled: “Why I am an atheist?” which was published in Egypt in the early twentieth century. Yet, the old phenomenon has strongly appeared in Egypt with the increasing amount of freedom after the revolution of January 25.

Later, many cheap journalists and newspapers decided to trade on atheism. They presented the atheists in a misleading picture and portrayed them as infidels of Quraish who appear in cheap Egyptian historical movies. On the other hand, being atheists became an easy and guaranteed way to get political asylum and immigration to Europe. This is how it works: Create a Facebook page on which you insult religions. Soon, you’ll be arrested, tortured and temporarily released awaiting trial. This should be the right time for you to head to a nice embassy of a European country where apply for asylum and travel to Europe within a week.
In fact, atheism is a perfect model of how the Egyptian community deals with each new phenomenon; by either to neglect it claiming it doesn’t even exist or use violent to deal with it by police. Another option is to trade on it to get the most benefit you can.
However, if some people believe that atheism is a big problem and is considered a threat to the community, they should first recognize it and understand the different types of atheists.
Atheists are mainly three types: First type of those who have studied religions and figured out they contradicts with science and history. Such atheists build their opinion on philosophy and science away from political or personal experience. This type does not often change their attitude until death, and often criticize religions without insulting them. This is the most dangerous type as they should be able to prove their point of view and convince many people to follow them and abandon their religion. Such persons mostly appear on television with a decent title of a philosopher or politician and never as atheist.
Second type of atheists was affected by social or political crises or pressures because of strict interpretations of religion or unwise actions by clergy. This type is always angrily insult religions and their strict interpretations at all times. They usually returns to their religion after liberal interpretations are presented to them about religion. Here, it should be referred to the role of religious repression practiced by the authority or society. They see sins and repression practiced by people representing religions are attributed to the God whom they represent. Persecuting those atheists won’t change their mind.
Third type of atheists is taking atheism as life style or fashion. They may embrace atheism in order to avoid pangs of conscience as they drink and have casual sex. They insult religion to be distinguished among the peers. Soon, they return to religion as they grow up. 
I hope that Egyptian society may deal with new phenomena in scientific and courage way away from violence that never solves a mental problem or issue!