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  • Thursday ,14 November 2013

Mistakes of Morsy & criems of Al-Sisi

Mina M. Azer

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Thursday ,14 November 2013

Mistakes of Morsy & criems of Al-Sisi

Crimes are so different from mistakes as they are not easily forgotten and must be given account for. However, if you belong to supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, you may not notice such big difference between what have been done by Gen. Abdul Fatah al-Sisi and Dr. Mohamed Morsy. 

They think that al-Sisi have committed many crimes by overthrowing the legitimate president Mohamed Morsy and put him under house arrest. They consider him a bloody monster as he decided to disperse their sit-ins at Rabaa Adawia and Nahda Squares, in addition to many crimes ended up with breaking into Kerdasa after a little mistake was committed by the Islamists when they attacked Kerdasa police station and killed all police officers and dragged them in the streets!
Sending security enhancements to arrest terrorists and criminals is a great crime committed by al-Sisi, which, according to the Islamists, can never be compared to the very little mistakes of Morsy and his supporters who burned churches and killed innocent people claiming they defend the legitimacy of president Morsy.
Yet, Morsy's supporters think he was mistaken when he appointed a criminal like al-Sisi as defense minister. However, how would Morsy know that al-Sisi wouldn't like his little mistakes including two massacres in front of the presidential palace and one in Port Said as well as giving Egyptian lands to his friends in Hamas and Sudan?
Unfortunately, Morsy's supporters think that they are of more value than the rest of the Egyptian people! They don't mind killing many innocent young people, but they do mind attacking the armed terrorists in Sinai who attack and kill policemen and soldiers on daily basis.
Do you see how Morsy's supporters realize the difference between al-Sisi's horrible crimes, and the tiny mistakes of Morsy?
Yet, Morsy can bee seen from another perspective as a fugitive criminal and spy. Consequently, al-Sisi should be seen as the Egyptian hero who savedhis country and fellow citizens. He used just enough violence to face the violence of the Muslim Brotherhood. Additionally, he had warned the protestors before the dispersal operation has begun.
I know that the Muslim Brotherhood warned as well against burning Egypt if Morsy is overthrown. In fact, they should understand that al-Sisi is innocent and they have to stop deceiving themselves.