• 15:55
  • Sunday ,31 January 2010



Short But Not Sweet


Sunday ,31 January 2010


Pray to God that the Egyptian Islamic groups take over in Egypt. The reason why is that they are already working and doing horrible persecution to the Copts in Egypt. When they are in power, it would be easy to deal with them, and then the Copts would be in a better position to make a complaint to the international community. But, they arenot planning to seize power in Egypt because they are chicken and cowards to do so because they are afraid that copts will ask for their human rights more loudly and the whole world will listen to them. Therefore, the regime in Egypt is in agreement with the Islamic movement in Egypt that: do what you want ever to coptics, and they intimidate the Coptic Christians of Egypt that the islamic movement is not safe to them!!. Everyone knows that the movement in 1952 with an Islamic state! But was postponed for some time,and Sadat revived it. There will be freedom of the Copts in the near future, in a about 25-50 years. Copts will be released. Please read Isaiah 19