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  • Friday ,04 October 2013

Ashton leaving!

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Friday ,04 October 2013

Ashton leaving!

Catherine Ashton is currently visiting Egypt to offer a draft of 6 points, approved by the EU and the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood. Her initiative aims to deceive the Egyptian government by inviting the Muslim Brotherhood to recognize the road map, stop its demonstrations, and denounce the terrorist attacks in Sinai. Such initiative reflects the cunning diplomacy of the European administration to solve the crisis in Egypt.

She also demands the release of political detainees, unfreeze the group's assets, provide a fair trial for the accused of killing, as well as to allow the group to participate in the political transitional phase as an Egyptian current. In other words, she’s trying to allow the group to work again in Egypt and prevent declaring it as a terrorist organization, just as El Baradei had called on Twitter!
In order to support Ashton’s initiative, the Muslim Brotherhood have organized a demonstration in Tahrir Square, and threatened “bloody escalation” on October 6th.
In fact, her suspicious movement completely ignores the will of the Egyptian people who refuse any foreign interference in Egypt’s internal affairs. Maybe, the English woman still thinks Egypt is occupied by the British Empire!
Now the question is: Would her welcome us calling to accept the new Nazis in the German political scene? Why do you have double standards in every thing?
My advice to Catherine Ashton is: Go back to your home as we don’t accept your interference in our internal affairs. You may enjoy the rest of your stay by visiting the Great Pyramids and learn some about our civilization. I wish you understand that such suspicious movements are not welcomed in Egypt anymore. Finally, there is an Egyptian idiom saying: “Don't enter between the onion and it's shell….You won't take any thing except its smell”. Now, you should be leaving now!