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  • Tuesday ,17 September 2013

Between terrorism of the Brotherhood and ignorance of the government!

Girgis Bushra

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Tuesday ,17 September 2013

Between terrorism of the Brotherhood and ignorance of the government!
Burning churches and imposing loyalties against the Coptic Christians in Delga village in Upper Egypt by the fanatics is really worrisome. The village is currently controlled by the Islamists who threaten the Copts by killing and kidnapping their families if they don’t pay certain amounts of money. Consequently, the Copts prefer to pray inside their homes instead of churches. Additionally, the Islamists threatened to sexually abuse the Coptic women!
The question is: Why the Egyptian government and armed forces are holding their peace after such terrorism against the Copts of Delga, especially as state of emergency is declared in Egypt and the army is supported by the people to fight the terrorism? Why the copts are left alone to face those terrorists? 
This is a crime of complicity by the government and security forces, in which the minister of interiors and security manager should give account. The criminals are allowed to terrify the Copts and to dispose the law.
The ministry of interiors holding its peace against such attacks raises many questions about the ideology of the ministry and their intentions to punish the Copts for participating in  the revolution of June 30, 2013. 
I wonder: does this mean our government is trying to support the fanatics or their great supporter, America? In fact, what happens in Delge reflects the complicity of the government with terrorism.  
I call on the Egyptian government and General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to immediately intervene and help the oppressed Copts in Delga, and to make the perpetrators stand trial. I’m confident that the officials will intervene and save Egypt’s national security. However, the Copts will always be defending the national unity of Egypt and its safety. They will never accept international interference in Egyptian affairs shouting: Long live Egypt.