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  • Friday ,13 September 2013

September 11 Anniversary

Fayez Al Bahgoury

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Friday ,13 September 2013

September 11 Anniversary
On the eleventh of September 2001, the United States received a massive slap to her dignity and national security. It was a barbaric fierce attack against her civilization and power centers in New York, killing about 3 thousand innocent American citizen.
Later, the base of devil, al-Qaeda, claimed responsibility for this terrorist attack performed by 11 young terrorist! Ever since, September 11th turned out to be a distinctive day in history. In September 11 Anniversary, I wrote this poem:
Oh Great New York
(To New York after the 11th of September)
It is heavy to bear.
It is painful to remember
that very bloody day,
the eleventh of September.
The criminals hit and run,
but justice must be done
and the killers must be punished
wherever they had gone.
Although you can't forget ,
you have to pass that day.
Because you were always forceful,
deciding to continue on your way.
You were always strong,
you were always great.
So you will still be glorious
in spite of that date.
Your flag must fly so proud.
Your voice must still be high,
and the statue of liberty's torch
must lighten the world's sky.
And you must still be mighty,
the leading city under the sun.
And you must still be active,
whatever has been done.
Our hearts still love you.
Our minds think about you.
Our hands still continue building
the greatest statue for you .
The greatest statue to remember
in spite of the 11th of September.