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  • Thursday ,12 September 2013

Religion serving terrorism!

Monir Beshai

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Thursday ,12 September 2013

Religion serving terrorism!
Sound religion has its positive effect on the individuals and the community as well. However, being deviated can cause many problems for both. Christianity define sound religion as: "To look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world". In the middle ages, the Catholic Church deviated and worked in politics rather than religion causing many disasters. 
Islam says: "Religion is to treat other people well". Yet, many Muslims commit iniquity and terrorize unbelievers claiming they follow Islam that orders them to oppress the infidels.
As an example, we find that acts of violence carried out by al-Qaeda is though to be the core of the Islamic teachings. After the Islamists were removed from power in Egypt, they used violence against the Egyptian society, and against Coptic Christians in particular . They justify all of this by some verses that moderate Muslims never thought of it this way!
Therefore, they happily lie and swear in order to please God! This way they came to power through many lies. Furthermore, they started chumming around with Egypt's enemies and offered them the Egyptian lands in order to gain their support hoping they will be able to turn against them later when they become strong enough!
Islamists reflect their extremism on verses from Quran to kill, with cold blood, not only nonbelievers, but also other Muslims who don't agree with them like Shiites and Muslim liberals.
They feel free to steal from "the infidels" according to their extreme interpretations for Quran. Therefore, they looted houses and churches of the Coptic Christians all over Egypt, as well as priceless antiquities from Museum.
In their holly war, they demolish private and public properties including houses, shops, churches and police stations setting them on fire. They think they are fighting enemies of God and destroy their churches ignoring those churches existed centuries before Islam.
Moreover, they justify prostitution in the name of religion. Yet, they call it holy names like Jihad of marriage and marriage of enjoyment! Consequently, they allowed their poor to sell their virgins to tourists from the Gulf for money.
To say that religion is the opium of the people may be only true when people trade on religion. Thus, Egypt should separate between religion and politics. Egypt should be a civil state that respects religion and use it to fight extremism.