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  • Monday ,09 September 2013

An important Conference: Just for Egypt


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Monday ,09 September 2013

An important Conference: Just for Egypt

Egypt is our homeland; but it has been also said: “It is a homeland that lives in us." The saying may reflect the love of millions of Egyptians at home and abroad as well.     

Now, while Egypt is going through a challenging transition period following a fallen authoritarian political regime marred with terrorist practices and economic and social problems, nevertheless we see these challenges, though painful, as birth throes of a modern and democratic State where all Egyptians will enjoy their full rights as citizens.
Concerned Egyptians living in Montreal thought to join hands with Egyptians living in Egypt by actively participating in the process of Egypt’s democratization.
This group, called “Just For Egypt” has met twice in the past few weeks, and framed objectives to be pursued for the good of Egypt.  One of the most important of these objectives is to organize meetings with Canadian and provincial officials to provide them with the actual picture of what is happening in Egypt, and to mobilize Egyptian Canadians in anticipation of the upcoming Egyptian legislative and presidential elections aiming at the founding of a Civil State.
You are cordially invited to the first public conference:
Sunday, September 15, from 7:00 to 9:00 PM
Hotel Ruby Foo’s, 7655 Décarie boul., Montreal, Quebec H4P 2H2
Guest Speaker: The Honorable Prof. Irwin Cotler, MP & Ex-Minister of Justice