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  • Friday ,06 September 2013

Egypt between Qandil and Beblawy

Michel Fahmy

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Friday ,06 September 2013

Egypt between Qandil and Beblawy
• The Muslim Brotherhood promised to burn Egypt on August 31; however, they could do nothing. They and their friends should be ashamed now. I salute the valiant armed forces and the heroes of the police, as well as all souls of their martyrs.
As Hisham Qandil, former Egyptian prime minister under MB rule, couldn't make any decisions, Hazem Beblawy, the current one, is too old and hesitant. Beblawy, and many people in his government insist on performing a reconciliation with the Muslim Brotherhood and all other terrorists following the American agenda! 
O Egyptian people, take heed as leaders of terrorists like Abboud and Tarik El Zomor as well as the big liar and traitor Muhammad Salim Al Awa who had claimed that Coptic churches store weapons. Yet, all kinds of weapons were only found in mosques, and were used to kill many Egyptian people.
America is trying to implement what is called Fourth-Generation Warfare, which is simply any war in which one of the major participants is not a state but rather a violent non-state actor. They use mass media as well as human rights organizations to invade other countries (like Ibn Khaldoun and Freedom House organizations in Egypt).
Also, by using youth coalitions and movements like April 6 and many young people in the opposition to oppose the government to serve the American and European interests. 
This war depends on the establishment of terrorist bases inside Egypt like Sinai, and outside like Hamas. It also uses other nationalities including Syrians, Palestinians, Yemenis, Afghans, Dutch, Americans and Africans.
They also lead a psychological war and use all available pressures (like to cut off aids and to cancel joint maneuvers with the Egyptian armed forces). Other tactics may be used as well including guerrilla wars, rebellion , sit-ins and civil disobedience. 
• Constitution political battle will be conducted by the Salafis who had participated with the Muslim Brotherhood in many of their crimes. Yet, the state insists on having them in the 50-members committee to amend the constitution instead of senior scholars of the Constitution like Dr. Ibrahim Darwish and Mohammed Nour Farahat .. etc. 
From the other hand, Muslim Brotherhood dissenter, Kamal al-Helbawy, participates in the constitution amendment committee after returning from London, where he is likely to meet with Mahmoud Ezzat, Muslim Brotherhood senior leader. This underlying leader of the Brotherhood supports many Brotherhood movements  like Brothers without Violence, Dissidents and Free Brotherhood. I'm pretty much sure he is the new General Guide for these new branches of the Muslim Brotherhood, after he announced on television he will be their counselor!
• Egypt's Copts earned respect of the world after they offered their churches as sacrifice for Egypt refusing to take refuge in foreign countries against their homeland, which is far from what the traitor Muslim Brotherhood has done.
This article may feel a bit pessimistic, but this is for the  good of Egypt after the fanatics had almost destroyed it. Now, the international forces realize the great revolution of June 30 has succeeded. America went crazy leading the world to great war!