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  • Tuesday ,03 September 2013



Short But Not Sweet


Tuesday ,03 September 2013


I read a status on facebook that said, "Someone asked me if I support Sisi or Morsi. I said to him why don't you allow Morsi to help you? Bring him back to power and he can solve our situation now" 

Have Morsi supporters been blind to what Morsi DID do in power for the past year? This is not about taking sides, it's about looking at actual facts. Morsi did not achieve any promises he made, and the most upsetting REALITY is the moment Morsi took power, he promised to listen to the voice of the people and step down if the people asked. That was his opening speech as newly elected president. 
Over 33 million people wanted him out, and he refused to listen. The heads of ALL denominations came together to announce a roadmap. The MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD chose not to participate. 
If you chose not to be involved, you are automaticallty not allowed to have an opinion. 
How is nobody else getting this?