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  • Thursday ,01 August 2013

You Just Need to Back off!!! Please?


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Thursday ,01 August 2013

You Just Need to Back off!!! Please?
I recently read in my local newspaper, "Pro-Morsi rallies should be allowed to take place, these innocent demonstrators should have the freedom to express themselves" I should note, this is a Canadian Newspaper, and they are painting a terribly skewed picture that is influencing Westerners in the wrong way. 
First of all, blocking all roads to the Airport is not innocent. Cutting off the Metro is not innocent, and furthermore TORTURING and holding Anti-Morsi demonstrators CAPTIVE is not innocent. These Pro-Morsi rallies are not innocent demonstrations, these groups are terrorizing the Egyptian Citizens! People are losing their jobs in Cairo because they are afraid to leave their house to go to work. All the while Western Media is portraying them as heroes dying for their country.

Every media outlet that is not IN Egypt should back off and keep their opinions to themselves. News-sites like BBC, CNN, CBC and AlJazeera are perhaps mistaking these demonstrations for Halloween and these people are only just dressing up as innocent protestors. Wake up! These are real terrorists here! Get your facts straight, and stop pulling your readers in the wrong direction. How would you like terrorists to jeopardize your country?