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  • Thursday ,25 July 2013

Arab Spring of demolition

Asasi Abdul Hamid

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Thursday ,25 July 2013

Arab Spring of demolition

It is not true that the Arab Spring of demolition has started when Mohamed Bou Azizi burned himself alive leading many regimes in North Africa and the Middel East to meet their destiny. Here, I don't want to defend the bad governors including Mubarak whom were abandoned by the Americans when his people revolted against him.

However, the Arab Spring of demolition has started in the summer of 1990 when the American Ambassador, April Glaspie, gave the Iraqi president, Saddam Hussein, the permission to invade Kuwait. This was an evil plan that turned Iraq from a rich and powerful country into a very poor and demolished one. 
In order to achieve the dream of Greater Israel, it was needed to demolish many Arab countries. Therefore, the American Administration has chosen Qatar and its powerful media in order to achieve such goal. This was also supported by money from Saudi Arabia and terroristic ideology aiming to demolish Syria even by killing innocent people. 
When they couldn't take any more, millions of people demonstrated against those regimes supported by the American Administration.
Project of Greater Israel was taken further through the demolition of Syria and Iraq. It was going even further by the destruction of Egypt; however, the smartness of the Egyptian people and the great Egyptian Army have prevented such destruction and hindered the project of Greater Israel.
This project will be completed through dividing Saudi Arabia and getting her occupied by Iran. It is said that some organization is planning to assassinate Pope Tawadros II in order to open the gate before a civil war or at least ethnic cleansing crimes in which many Copts will be slain. 
Another tool of destruction in the Arab Spring is inciting the argument about Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia that America and Israel are supporting and willing to fund. Reviewing the Egyptian share of water of the Nile River is but a serious threat to the Egyptian national security. Maybe this was the reason Mubarak has decided to sell the Egyptian gas to Israel so cheap in order to encourage them not to get involved in such argument.
During one of the meetings of Jerusalem Committee in the 1980's in Casablanca, Morocco, Yasser Arafat, head of the Palestinian delegation brought a Shekel that described Greater Israel, which included parts of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Jordan and extends deep into the Arabian Peninsula to reach Yathrib, one of the most important sacred places of the Muslims in Saudi Arabia.
Project of Greater Israel comes from the Nile to the Euphrates, and from the Zagros Mountains north to Yathrib in the south. Will this ambitious project be achieved or it will be stopped by the wise people in the region? Does Iran have something to do with such project or this was faked by the Jews in order to ruin our relationship with Iran by such story?