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  • Tuesday ,25 June 2013

Intellectuals in the time of the Brotherhood

Medhat Bishay

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Tuesday ,25 June 2013

Intellectuals in the time of the Brotherhood

Being in power, the Muslim Brotherhood sent a clear message to the fanatics and the Islamists that they are welcome to do whatever they want in Egypt, even using slightly different techniques. They knew that it’s time to share the spoils as well as power.

Therefore, the Islamists had to prepare their trained armed militias as well as sleeper cells in order to support their brothers and seize Egypt that they absolutely don’t care about and even despise. The former General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood said that he doesn’t mind that Egypt is ruled by a Malaysian Muslim rather than a non-Muslim Egyptian!
The history of the Muslim Brotherhood is full of crimes and assassinations. They formed a group that may be described as “state within a state” that the government was not able to apply many decisions to dissolve the prohibited group. 
They were allowed to work and bloom under regimes that severely prosecuted them. Therefore, they could get 88 chairs in the parliament at the parliamentary elections in 2005.
However, the Islamists hate creativity that they covered the statue of the great singer Om Kolthom, who sang for love as well as the Egyptian identity, which they want to destroy. I know that they can’t make the people forget about her songs that’s part of our heritage among all Masterpieces of great Egyptians like Naguib Mahfouz, Tawfiq al-Hakim, Abbas Akkad, George Albhgeory and Hamed Nada.