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  • Wednesday ,05 June 2013

To the patriot church

Medhat Bishay

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Wednesday ,05 June 2013

To the patriot church

After a new dam has been established in Ethiopia with potential serious effects on Egypt, some people have been talking on behalf of the church. Some of them said that the presidency has invited pope Tawadros to intervene and solve the crisis. They added that the Coptic Church has solved a similar crisis before during Mubarak’s regime using its historical connections and spiritual authority.

The same people announced that Pope Tawadros is thinking about sending Bishop Pachomious to accomplish this mission and solve the problem. They added that this problem is part of the Egyptian national security, and the Church has to intervene and forget about any disputes with the government for the sake of Egypt. Furthermore, they assured the Coptic Church will do its best to solve the problem and help Egypt, not taking into consideration any former disputes.
The statement lacks the necessary information about the independency of Ethiopian Church, and mentions inappropriate statements and talks about disputes between the Church and the government under such crisis. In fact, those people talk as if they were part of making the decision and not only passing information.
Pope Tawadros has denied all this information assuring that there is no spokesperson of the Church other than himself. However, some people insist on claiming this office even if it affects the Church badly.
Again I ask the Coptic Orthodox Church to establish a media office and information center as well as to appoint a spokesperson. Here, I'd like to thank Dr. Michel Fahmy for his ideas to develop the Church, however many people are attacking him and accuse him of attacking the Church.