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  • Wednesday ,24 April 2013

Is the Government Really that Bad?


Short But Not Sweet


Wednesday ,24 April 2013

Is the Government Really that Bad?

I've heard many solutions to the ongoing problems here in Cairo. More structured transportation, encouraging farming and investment to eliminate poverty, I've even heard a realistic concept to relieve the society of noise pollution and over-crowding. 

The hinder to all of these proposed solutions, I've heard so far, has been that we have an incompetent government. The people I've heard say that if they were in Morsy's position, they would step down and get some economics-specific educated people in power. 
The question which lingers in my mind is, will there ever be a time where the people don't oppose the government? I have this nagging inkling that perhaps the people will never be happy with any leader. Why? I feel like the Egyptian people put their leader on a pedestal instead of treating them like a human like the rest of us. Hasn't Morsy done anything at least a bit admirable? Come on people, nothing?