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  • Tuesday ,19 February 2013

Look who's talking!

Dr. Ahmed Al-Khamisi

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Tuesday ,19 February 2013

Look who's talking!
The Muslim Brotherhood group has called for a demonstration against violence last Friday in front of Cairo University. This came after most political forces have agreed to the anti-violence document of Al-Azhar, after which Dr. el-Baradie said he was optimistic. However, the document talks in general about violence denouncement, which of course everybody denounces.
However, who is being violence and why he is doing so may justify using violence. For instance: We believe that Palestinians have the right to be violent towards the Israeli imperialism and violence. Yes, we reject violence, but, the regime is the one who should stop being violent first. They should stop such fatwas to kill the leaders of the opposition, and they should stop killing the demonstrators and activists. The government has to stop torturing the Egyptian people in the prisons as well as in the streets. This is the violence that we should fight now in Egypt.
We should have identified the violence in the anti-violence document that leaders of the opposition have signed. We should have been more specific upon talking about violence and differentiate between victims and criminals. Furthermore, we should differentiate between MB fascist regime, and the unarmed revolutionists who face the brutal bullets of the regime.
Leaders of the opposition have proven once again that they have ill dreams after they have signed the anti-violence document that doesn't differentiate between the victims and the criminals, between those who start being violent and those who react to it. The leaders of the opposition have proven that they follow the American plan to support the Muslim Brotherhood as long as they submit to the American administration.
However many people have gathered in front of Cairo University to renounce using violence, Dr. Safwat Hegazi started his speech with accusing the opposition of being remnants of the former regime and the demonstrators before the Presidential Palace of being vandals, calling the government to use the "iron fist" against them! 
The Muslim Brotherhood were the first to use violence with a long history of bloody assassinations. When they denounce using violence, they're trying to say: "You shouldn't react to our violence, even if: your lives are threatened, many activists are killed like Jika and Kresty, MB General Guide say that the Egyptians are infidels, you're starving and Morsy's son gets 40.000 EGP per month, Sheiks issue fatwas on televisions to kill you and to demolish the Great Pyramids of Giza, or force the Egyptians to immigrate out of Egypt. This is similar to ask someone to stop fighting the criminal who's about to kill him.