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  • Friday ,07 December 2012

An Arranged Marriage Hypothesis?


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Friday ,07 December 2012

An Arranged Marriage Hypothesis?

"To all my friends who gave Morsi their Votes or to their relatives or friends I don't want to know u any more and really I am serious because u who did that when u supported that man under the name of religion...please read and don't share me anything again" is a message an enraged Egyptian woman posted on her facebook wall. 

This is a very fragile and frustrating times for Egyptians from all parties. Violence begets violence, case in point from the over 400 injuries yesterday. Maybe Egyptians should think of this situation as the following and deal with it  accordingly: 

An arranged marriage, Liberals, Muslim Brotherhood, Opposition, Seculars, all forced to live with each other. In a culture where divorce isn't really an option, why not make concessions so that everyone is happy? Easier said than done, however, what if we put passion and emotions away, and work towards a real solution? A dream? Perhaps, but if you believe, you're already halfway there.