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  • Wednesday ,31 October 2012

About the Sharia?

Rafik Rasmy

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Wednesday ,31 October 2012

About the Sharia?

Egypt has been an Islamic country for 1600 years, and the Islamists haven't invaded Egypt a year ago. In fact, Sharia, which is the Islamic canonical law based on the teachings of the Koran and the traditions of the Prophet, is applied in Egypt many years ago except for the Hudud which Islamists have already decided not to apply it now. However, applying the Sharia now means complete flexibility for the governor to do whatever he wants in Egypt, supported by unlimited religious fatwas.

Salafis want to apply the sharia according to Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab and Ibn Hmpel, while Muslim Brotherhood want to implement their teachings including the ideas of Hassan al-Banna and Sayyid Qutb, the mystic Muslims want to apply the tolerant teachings of al-Shafie. Others want to apply the doctrine of Malek or Abu Hanifa. This will lead to many arguments and explanations, which is going to change the fatwas based on the personal preference of the governor and the rich; in short, it will be changed according to the circumstances. This means that we are going to have many contradictory fatwas!

I'm not a big fan of a religious state in Egypt, but rather I support a civil one with a civil constitution that ensures equality between all citizens without exceptions. We need to follow the constitutions of the advanced countries. The constitution is not a new invention, but there are many great constitutions, which appeared many years ago and led its countries to great development.

Why do those people trade on religion and seek a constitution that only fits themselves? Egypt is a great country and has great people. They can't just freeze the Egyptians and their minds to prevent them from making another revolution. They think they can fool the Egyptians till they make a lot of money, leaving their people suffering while they promise them to enjoy their lost happiness in the other life. They want to make opium of the religion for the oppressed people who may not understand this for a while, but not forever!