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  • Friday ,26 October 2012

100 days of fake achievements!

Fransoua Basily

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Friday ,26 October 2012

100 days of fake achievements!

 Two speeches summarize the first 100 days since president Mohammed Morsy took office. The first was when he won the presidential elections when he addressed his family and tribe, and the second when he addressed the Israeli president calling him his great friend, and assuring he is the faithful friend of Israel. Both speeches show how MB thinks and work in Egypt.

The first speech of Dr. Morsy made me feel he is but a leader of a state that dates back to the middle ages. He addressed his audience as family and tribes though Egypt is but a civilized community and not a tribe.
Furthermore, he’s been using many verses of the Quran, and calls the people to correct him (and not the law or the judges). He uses a different language from the one of the Egyptian great leaders like Saad Zaghloul, Mostafa al-Nahhas and Nasser. He forgot that the one who traded on religion saying: I’m a Muslim President of a Muslim country was assassinated by an Islamic group. His speech expresses the limited ideology of MB and they are still living in the past. 
Such ideology leads the Islamic MPs to cancel some articles in the constitution that prohibit the marriage of the minor girl as long as she is sexually mature!
This way, leaders of Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis in the parliament, in the founding committee or in the presidency are trying to legalize female circumcision, child labor …etc. They are trying to prevent the vice while they commit all kind of fornication!
MB members are good at giving speeches. For instance President Morsy has given about 36 hours of speeches in his first 100 days; most of them are emotional and religious speeches without giving plans, just like when he was giving a sermon in a mosque.
Thus, they consider giving such speeches is an achievement in itself. They said about the speech of Morsy in Iran and Cairo stadium: it’s but an invasion! Invasion of the speech!
MB has committed many mistakes since they came in power as they are only used to work in the darkness. They couldn’t understand the Egyptians who love the life and enjoy the arts, which MB doesn’t understand and is not ready for it. 
In fact, they did nothing in their first 100 days but talk. And we can see the problems increasing and not decreasing as Dr. Morsy has promised.
His letter to the Israeli president has revealed their way of thinking as they address the Israeli President as their best friends, then claimed it’s a fake one, and finally justified it claiming that this is the diplomatic rules of talking to leaders of the other countries which is entirely not true.
They never expected that such speech will be seen by the whole world, which revealed their biggest mistake which is talking in a way and acting in the exact opposite way, which can be called hypocrisy.
MB incites the people against Israel preaching them of the free Palestine, and at the same time, President Morsy send the Israeli President such lovely letter!
MB’s ideology concerning community, woman, art, creativity and freedoms is so harmful for the community and against civilization. So, Muslim Brotherhood has to change their mind and stop their plans to seize Egypt in order to achieve the goals of the revolution of January 25.