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  • Friday ,19 October 2012

Abba Pachomius, Thanks!

Safwat Rupel Basta

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Friday ,19 October 2012

Abba Pachomius, Thanks!

I am so proud of our great faithful Coptic Orthodox Church, that even gates of hell won’t be able to defeat, according to the words of our LORD Jesus. It has true faith, spiritual rituals, great martyrs, patron saints, and gorgeous bishops who shepherd their flock and protect it from the wolves. It was established by St. Mark, and kept by St. Athanasius, Pope Shenouda III, and the acting patriarch Abba Pachomius, may God preserve his soul.

God’s promises are true and faithful that He would never abandon us or leave us orphans.  So, after the departure of His Holiness Pope Shenouda III, we were shocked and worried about our church for many are her enemies, from both inside or outside. However, Abba Pachmoius proved to be the needed wise man for this stage, just like Pope Shenouda was at his time, with many strong situations since Sadat time till his departure in 2012.
Abba Pachmius reminded us with the great Pope Shenouda, as he is truly his disciple. He was keen to avoid any conflicts and problems with his people, understanding their right to choose their leader.
Heading the Nominations Committee, he conducted many meetings in which he studied each appeal. After many prayers to God that he may intervene to choose the best for His people, he announced the final list of candidates that made everybody happy.
Again, we thank Abba Pachomius for his zeal and great love for his church, and we thank all members of the Nominations Committee as well as all the 17 nominated monks and bishops. We’ll fast and pray that God may choose and help our fathers to continue their work, and let it be according to God’s will, as we know that all works for good.