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  • Tuesday ,16 October 2012

Can We Escape this Extremism finally?


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Tuesday ,16 October 2012

Can We Escape this Extremism finally?

Now that we are underway and so close to having a new Pope guiding us, I can't help but wonder, is there any possibility we can be freed from the bonds of suppression that plague our "church"?

It is no secret that Priests and Bishops, even Sunday school teachers for that matter are really putting pressure on today's youth. "Dress more modestly" "Dancing is from the devil" "Enjoying your life is a sin" Okay, I made up that last quote.

Here's the thing: 20 years ago we attended Sunday school and weren't bound by outrageous new rules made up every 10 seconds. I really pray that our new leader is open minded and can lead the future generation out of this extremist, fundamentalist, oppressive state it's headed now!