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  • Thursday ,04 October 2012

Egypt + Tourism = Not Happening


Short But Not Sweet


Thursday ,04 October 2012

Egypt + Tourism = Not Happening

Hey Egypt! Just a quick note. Whilst citizens are protesting, islamists are dominating, and parliament is parading, tourists are avoiding. 

Egypt used to be a land of mystery. We learned about the great pyramids and mummies when we 6 years old. Everyone had the innate desire and curiosity to visit Egypt, take a ride on a camel, visit a wonder of the world. 
Egypt is losing great profit from it's tourism industry simply because the country can't get it's act together. There needs to be the feel of tolerance in the country, not just words, but actions! I wouldn't be surprised if cruise-lines take Egypt out all together until the unrest is over, so I say give it 20-30 years? 
Can Egypt really afford a decline in tourism for 20 years? No you don't want that? Can we wake up then please? kthanks!