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  • Monday ,24 September 2012

Confusion Still On

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,24 September 2012

Confusion Still On

 Usually any article is under one theme but due to the confusion I'm confused on the them so I'll mix up to confuse readers …

In fact I talked couple of weeks ago about Sinai, and events force me to hilight something happening down there which brings more confusion … some fighters down Sinai are trying to take control of Sinai, the news headlights today said 3 suicide fighters crossed the Egyptian / Israel boarder and as usual Israel security forces dealt with the event kill 2 of them the third seeing that decided to blow himself. Israel authorities returned the bodies to the Egyptian authorities which started investigating the matter. Good so far but what is not good the spokeman said it clear and bolt the three fighters either Egyptians or from another nationality! To my hamble opinion if he does not know he should keep his mouth shut or simply say I do not know, but specifing Egyptians or other nationality really does not sound right and makes you loose your confidance in all his words; second pitfall was what he said on the air directly he does not know what happen to the border unit of solders if they were abducted or killed so he lost communications with a unit and I presume that units -not individual solders- but a group of solders group means more than one and if abducted or killed by no mean can this happen by surprise to the whole unit someone somehow should had got enough time to pass on the event but again let me assume agressors real well trained could do what they did in full surprise to all solders in the unit like what had happened before almost a month ago with 16 solders killed while busy eating! The army commenders having no news from a whole unit and do not investigate the matter? Do not try to send an exploration unit to see why communications are cut or may be for budget limitations communications between army units and their leadership is reduced or eliminated!
Another confusing matter last Tusday if not mistaken some fighters attacked a control point in Sinai and raised their flag, a BLACK FLAG suggesting this fighters are Kassam Palestinian Fighters are they lost do not know where Israel is or the plan B now is to libarate Sinai from Egyptian Army?
The contradicting news suggests Nesr or Operations Eagle of Egyptian Army to take control of Sinai Security are just old news they are not active or really fighting thugs or intruders! When news say 50 Tanks went to Sinai in support of the units fighting there and a resident of Arish city in Sinai told me he asked all over the city if any one saw the Tanks and all confirmed no sight of Tanks means that what is said by Spokeman who obviously is not aware of facts or is told say so no need to know!
We heard nothing no official comment on the attack that caused the death of police solders as the police station was attacked withing few yards from the Governor's residense and army units and any police officer in that station shows up would be shut dead!
This is not Egypt this is happening in Sinai, so is Sinai still part of EGYPT??
Now again first sight of those Kassam or whatever fighters was following the big unrest due to the American movie discriminating the prophet Mohamed, this unrest started on 9/11 and still going on civilized people in London seized last Friday prayers to distribute the Koran to people so that they can read and know better who propher Mohamed is for them and respect him in the future but uncivilized people in Pakistan went nuts killing burning properties in Pakistan belong to them not the makers of the movie 14 deaths were reported! 
Side French talks as French people found themselves in the mids of those protest having to protect American Embassy in there grounds for raged demostrators who might tend to violence, Germany too was talken in the event! A French speaker was very upset said it is not fair to impose on me respect while your television and radio broadcast curses and disrespect to other religions all day matters are not taken this way you can not enforce local policies imposed in your countries on the whole civilized world things happen more than a disrespectful film or movie was produced in the past disrespectig Jesus, we did not go on a war with the guys, and this is a free wold we need to respect the freedom of expression and the other idea we can produce a response answering any disrespect but going out of bounds this is pure insanity we need to control it!
As a final word on this matter disrespecting religions in general or the movie that set Islamic world in an unrest since it was announced, I said it before and say it over here over again as I see it still going on from Christians Egyptians who want show their solidarity with their Muslim brothers and start apoligizing for something they did not commit nor had a hand in it I see it with all due respect to all religions and all people as well kind of hypocrisy you apologize on something wrong you committed or your people your family did because as a member of that family the wrong doing passes to you, but since you are not the producer neither American nor the actor of the movie where is your own share of wrong doing? You can not apologize but you can show your understanding sympathy but you can not apologize for something you did not do!
Well I did mix between 2 matters I see vital Sinai and what is happening there and the big silance from the authorities and that film or disrecpect to Islam! First sight says they are 2 different issues but an expert's eye knows this two matters fall under one main issue that is Egyptian – American relations and its future! The discriminating movie caused attackes to US Embassies including the Egyptian one and Obama said it clear Egypt is not an Allay. Again Sinai and it security issues there jeopardises in a great deal Egyptian – Israel relations and consequently with Americans!
However, this future of Egyptian – American relations is on hold for one common reson ELECTIONS! 
Our president just come out of elections and his file is still not ready.
Their president is heading to elections and does not know if he will be there or not to make decisions PRESENTLY!
In conclusion any further expectations presently on American policies or Egyptians ones remain on hold until we know who are the presidents? Remember our president still in a test period and lots of wrong doings already had be aproached to him, God how much I hate politics it is a REAL HEADACHE!
But on the other hand I love Egypt with all its headaches so pleas God Protect Egypt and keep blessing it!