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  • Tuesday ,18 September 2012

Let's Protest Against Protests!


Short But Not Sweet


Tuesday ,18 September 2012

Let's Protest Against Protests!

Protests against a 13 minute preview, protests by students, protests of alleged treason, need I go on?

Protesting used to be a last resort used by the strength of large groups to facilitate change. Nowadays, it seems like the first thing we run to is protest. 

Have we ever thought of maybe trying to solve the problem first before running to the streets screaming at the top of our lungs? 

I bet a lot more progress and satisfaction would be experienced if we actually attempted being civil and suggesting alternatives for the things we don't like and discussing the issues we have to facilitate change. 

It is often the people who are optimistic enough to think they can make a difference that do make a difference. 

I'm protesting against protesting!