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  • Monday ,17 September 2012

The Great Confusion

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,17 September 2012

The Great Confusion

 This week suddenly without any preceding events suddenly we Egyptians forgot about Egypt and its future we all Christians and Muslims got tangled in the event of a law quality American movie discriminating the prophet Mohamed! 

Lot for rumours about the movie and some could be true some pure imagination to ignite the religious spirit of Egyptians and we go on; First accusation was it is a production of Christians Egyptians living abroad, but with the information technology and its hi standards it become within the tips of your fingers to uncover lies and get to the bottom of any matter, soon Egyptians living abroad were released from the accusation, and like every event that is related to the \Islamic believes Cairo is unrest not any other country. 
We had seen that many times, in Belgium the local authorities decided that mosques should not have the so called in Arabic [Mezana] or the tower silo is a long be attached to mosques and purpose of delivering voice ears to the people and invite them to pray.  Like any civilized society respecting individuals privacy not wanting to invade it with noises even if it is for prayers they decided to ban them but the decision was a catastrophe and reason for total unrest in Egypt, not Qatar or Kuwait but Egypt is the official defender of Islam! 
Same great unrest happened when the French authorities for security reasons decided to ban and restrict the Nicab while we saw in Egypt young men disguised in Nicab to see their girl friend or meet the wife of their best friend!
Briefly the bottom line the final producer and maker of this discriminating to Islam film turned to be American that is if it is a real film as rumours tend to say it was an edited clip of some real scene taken from a film and re-edited; logic says this might be the truth as it is weird for an American movie to be published in American and seen by Americans to be subtitled in Arabic! Whether this is a political way out of the Americans or the truth, we remain with the Islamic fury generated by this film or clip!
First and most fierce reaction come from Abou Islam the owner of a private TV-Channel promotes hater, he decided to BURN the bible, and pee on it publicly and his ignorant followers shouting victorious Great is God or Allah Akbar, like if they did liberate Palestine! They do not know that Christians are not pageant they do not worship the Bible but they do respect it because it has the word of God! Moreover, Christians do not defend God but they defend their faith inside their hearts as for God he is way more powerful than asking from his people to defend him he can way better impose his respect! 
As Americans proved to be guilty or not with this discrimination of the prophet Mohamed tendencies to attack any American symbol got stronger and stronger; In Libya the mob attacked the American Embassy and killed the Ambassador and 3 of his assistants, moreover, there are reports the victimized Ambassador was  U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens was reportedly sodomized and raped before his tragic death in Libya according to a report by a Lebanese media publication Tayyar.org. The report cited the AFP (Agence France-Presse) who received the information from a Libyan Interior Ministry senior member. 
A less aggressive similar reaction took place in Egypt they did burn security vehicles belonging to the local authorities or more precisely Egyptian Police Cars! In Marco more civilized re-action took place the people prayed in front of the Embassy and left! As for Sudan in the search of the American Embassy they did attack British and German Embassies thinking it was American!
With the development of the events The Marines moved towards the middle East more precisely Libya and Egypt, it is well known Internationally that any Embassy grounds belong to the country it  represents, that is the American Embassy Grounds is an American Soil, and protected by the local authorities or in Egypt the American Embassy should be protected by the Egyptian Police, in case this Egyptian police or anti-riot authorities fail to do so it is on the Americans to secure a safe exit to their personnel and Ambassador and all diplomatic core even if the commandos or marines have to land in Egypt, this is not an invasion but could lead to a war by all means!
Is all that going to erase the discrimination that took place? I wonder but in this regard I would like to point not all protesters belong to Islamic fanatics or Muslim Brotherhood, simple Egyptians who rejected initially Obama's clear warnings to the Military Council to let go of power to an elected president, they did not back up Muslim Brotherhood or Dr. Morsy but the idea it was not a conspiracy between MB and USA to sit Dr. Morsy in the presidential sit but extreme precaution from USA politicians not to see another Libyan like fight between MC and the people of Egypt, if you read carefully their statement then it is said clearly EVEN IF IT IS MORSY if it was a conspiracy they would not had said that but simply LET MORSY LEAD THE COUNTRY!
With the conspiracy idea in the bottom of the heart of most Egyptians who expressed clearly they disapproval with the American policies toward Egypt upon Mrs. Clinton Visit a short while ago, lots of protesters seizing this opportunity to continue their disagreement with the American policies towards Egypt got tangled with the religious issue and is motivating strongly the protesters but to where this protests could lead?
Rumours say as well this clip was an edited clip by MB to ignite the local fight against Christians of Egypt forcing them to either leave the country or die defending their existence it was as well a good opportunity to divorce the Americans as they go what they wanted the ruling chair so no need for the Americans now! 
True or false in the days to come miseries will be unfolded but for sure I do not tend to believe in the conspiracy theory I would say yes there was an American influence in the outcome of the elections influence because as a major country the number 1 country in the world they need to show some support to the Egyptian people this support was wrongly directed to MB but not because of a conspiracy!
With all due respect to the Muslim brothers and their feelings about discrimination of the prophet Mohamed I would like to point here that peaceful demonstrations like the Morocco one are acceptable in passing on a message that is do not discriminate our prophet or religion but violence leads no where burning Egyptian Police Cars does not show but a total disrespect to any authorities or laws a complete disrespect to people's property as this police cars belong to the people of Egypt who paid for it; moreover the minister of interior affairs and the police are by no means the producers of this movie!
However a question about this clip rises, if this clip was a preview for a forthcoming movie as propaganda why would they subtitle it in Arabic and why in this particular time 9/11 the anniversary of the sad memorial of WTC attacks? Questions time will answer them as facts get uncovered and secrets become public knowledge!