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  • Thursday ,13 September 2012

The satanic conspiracy

Father Phelopatir Gamiel

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Thursday ,13 September 2012

The satanic conspiracy

Three weeks ago, I expected a wave of attacks on Christians and the church after the attacks of Rafah, which is the same policy of the former regime and is adopted by Muslim Brotherhood; whenever the government wants to distract the people, it agitates some prepared issues like football problem, the extremists' problem with the art, or the hottest issue of the delicate relationship between Christians and Muslims, which was used by the former President Sadat and led to his death, and the same happened with Mubarak and led to his end too.

The anti-Islam movie has appeared, and the church has condemned any sort of insult against the faith of the others. Throughout history, Christians have suffered a lot from many people attacking Christianity, even falsely, but they never mocked the others or their faith in return. I remember sheiks Dedat and Sharawy who had anti-Christianity weekly sermon aired on the Egyptian TV. Moreover, we suffered recently from fatwas of sheiks Borhamy, Shahat, Bokhary, Abu Yehia, Mohammed Hassan, and others like sheik of Al-Azhar and Mofty who accused the others of infidelity. Those fatwas caused a number of churches to be demolished and burned as well as killing Christians, like what happened in the massacre of Alexandria after a rumor of having Muslim girls detained in some monasteries. 
All of this happens, and no one of the Christians thinks to defame Islam, why should they do it now!
I want to say that this movie was uploaded on Youtube more than two months ago, why should it appear right now? Moreover, some people claim that the director of the movie is the same as The Da Vinci Code that attacks Christianity, why Moris Sadek is connected to the movie while he didn't participate in its production? He may be after fame, or his picture with the Egyptian ambassador in USA refers to a plan by the government against all Copts in the Diaspora.
The satanic conspiracy behind such movie appear in what the extremists do right now like Wagdy Ghoniem and Abu Yehia who try to ignite a sedition. Additionally, what sheik Abu Islam did today before the American embassy in Cairo as he invited his supporters to burn the bible! I wonder: shall we expect a terrorist attack next Friday against the Egyptian church?
MB are playing with fire that is going to burn it first as it has never learnt the lesson of the former regime! 
I ask the moderate Muslims who form the majority of the Egyptians: Did you feel any defamation against Islam or hatred against Muslims by those Christians who participated with you in the revolution of January 25? MB are using the extremists to divide us in order to strengthen their regime to distract the Egyptians that we may never notice our opened borders, sold lands, the huge loan to pay the bill of MB in the elections, and the sectarian constitution that limits our freedoms!
They follow the idiom of "Divide to conquer!" which I hope all Egyptians will take care and avoid falling in such trap as all of us refuse such suspicious movie along with its suspicious reactions.