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  • Tuesday ,03 July 2012

Ghoneim considers Naaot a disbeliever

Maria Alfy

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Tuesday ,03 July 2012

Ghoneim considers Naaot a disbeliever

 In charges that may lead to her assassination, sheik Wagdy Ghoneim, the Islamic preacher, has considered the writer Fatma Naaot a disbeliever, and wrote on his Twitter account that Naaot is a criminal, anti-Islam and beloved of Christians.

He added that she defames all that is Islamic, and there are pictures for her in a church praying in front of a cross!
Fatma Naaot commented on thess accusations saying: Ghoneim keeps himself busy calling other people infidels and insult them. 
She added: “He considers me a disbeliever as he did before with sheik of al-Azhar. Hail to you Mursy, as you give strength to those people and encourage them to restore the assassinations days to assassinate me like they have assassinated Farag Foda.
Naaot added that she considers herself a better Muslim than Ghoneim and his fellow terrorists who are full of hatred.