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  • Monday ,25 June 2012

SPEC: Mursy is the new president of Egypt


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Monday ,25 June 2012

SPEC: Mursy is the new president of Egypt

 The Supreme Presidential Electoral Commission (SPEC) has announced in a press conference today that Dr. Mohammed Mursy has won the presidential race after he had got 13.230.131 votes (52%) against 12.347.380 (48 %) for shafik.

Judge Farouk Sultan, the head of the commission, said that members of the commission only fear God and follow the law. He added that many people have attacked it though they have worked hard and honestly as much as they could.
He added that the committee has given great concern to 2 appeals, the first is related to marking the ballots and there was only 2154 ballots that were proven to be marked, the second is about preventing Christians from voting which was proven to be not true.