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  • Friday ,27 April 2012

When devils do good things

By-Mohssen Arishie



Friday ,27 April 2012

When devils do good things

 Everybody in this country, including devout Muslims, heaved a deep sigh of relief when Abu-Ismail got disqualified from the race due to his family background.

 Thanks to the disclosure of his mother’s US citizenship, the competitors for the Egyptian presidency have lost a big and unrepentant liar from their ranks. Abu-Ismail’s mother must be turning in her grave because her son is posthumously disrupting her privacy.

   The local press published her photo without the hijab – the traditional headscarf of a Muslim woman. 

   The press also wrote that Mrs Ismail, the wife of the late prominent conservative Sheikh Salah Abu-Ismail, was not seen wearing the hijab until her death.

   The son’s sisters, brothers, nephews and nieces are US citizens. Concealing his dishonesty and insincerity behind a dyed long beard, a sly grin and soft words, Abu-Ismail challenged the authenticity of documents sent by the US State Department regarding his mother’s US citizenship. 

   Everybody was filled with disgust when the unfaithful son claimed that the US was the main architect of an anti-Islam conspiracy in Egypt.

   Refusing to accept his ignominious defeat in the presidential battle, Abu-Ismail replaced his soft words with serious threats.

   Acting like a paranoid schizophrenic Muslim extremist, who is absolutely not prepared to tolerate his opponents, the disgraced Abu-Ismail declared a bloody war on Egypt and its citizens.

   He put his brainwashed followers (who are influenced by his money) on high alert until they would receive the signal to attack. 

   His enemies are: Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, whose department (as Abu-Ismail claims) forged his mother’s citizenship papers, the Higher Presidential Elections Commission, the Egyptian army generals (for leading the anti-Abu Ismail conspiracy), his rivals in the presidential race (for expressing their satisfaction over his unenviable dismissal) and Egyptian citizens for shaking their heads about his mother’s foreign citizenship. 

   Labouring under these hallucinatory thoughts, Abu-Ismail is convinced that the ground shook under the US when a ‘devout believer’ nominated himself for the ‘Caliphate of Egypt’.

   His well-paid supporters also believe blindly that their hero, regardless of his sheer lies about his mother’s citizenship, is seeking Egypt’s presidency to implement – comprehensively and by force if necessary – the tenets of the Muslim Sharia law. 

   There is hardly any doubt that Abu-Ismail’s dream of being the Muslim Caliph was not limited to the fiefdom of Egypt; he must have planned to expand his Caliphate to other countries in the region and beyond.

   Abu-Ismail and his brainwashed followers saw Egypt as a springboard. How can a liar reflect the values and principles of Islam, or lead a Muslim nation to improve the shattered image of its faith in the world? 

   It is also no exaggeration to assume that if Abu-Ismail came to power, he would bring the churches in Egypt under his authority and convince his followers (who are enjoying his lies as a reward for his generosity) that he should declare himself Pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church. 

   His followers said defiantly that they would carry their guru to Egypt’s Caliphate – even if he had US citizenship. 

   Abu-Ismail is a bad example of the rising phenomenon of Islamists, whose weaknesses and incompetence have been revealed by the January 25 Revolution.    Admittedly, the disgusting saga of Abu-Ismail’s nomination and expulsion from the presidential race underlines the fact that the US is not just the old sly devil of all time.     The Egyptians’ suspicions concerning the credibility of the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists might undoubtedly be further substantiated if the foreign or local press revealed how many members of these two groups carried US (or UK, the devil’s slave) citizenship.