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  • Wednesday ,25 April 2012

The difference between excluding Suleiman and Abu Ismail

Dr.Yehya al-Wakil

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Wednesday ,25 April 2012

The difference between excluding Suleiman and Abu Ismail

What benefits have we gotten after Omar Suleiman announced his intentions to run for the presidency?

First, this revealed the ugly face of the Muslim Brotherhood before the public.
Second, this revealed their ambitions in taking complete control of all authorities in Egypt.
Third, It also revealed the ugly face of religious extremism and making use of Islam in politics and the tendency to violence in some Salafist groups.
Fourth, this showed the public that there is no much difference between Freedom and Justice Party and the dissolved National Party. Even more, it took thirty years for the National Party to commit its crimes against the Egyptians, while it only took sixty day for Muslim Brotherhood to do it. For instance, electoral bribes and making special laws to serve their political ambitions, and blind obedience to the General Guide, the same as the National Party was submissive for Mubarak and his son Gamal.
To achieve these results, Omar Suleiman risked his life and was threatened to be assassinated. He risked his freedom, reputation and his safe place that he got after Mubarak stepped down. He endured a lot of insults and defamation while he was honorable throughout his life. 
Dear General Omar Suleiman, you did it again, O noble Fox of Egypt. Congratulations on your last successful intelligence operation.
What was the result of excluding Abu Ismail?
Thank God, we became very comfortable.
How could we trust sheik Hazem Abu Ismail on Egypt while he turned his fans into tyrants even before he becomes in charge; before he has police and army under his command! He offended Islam and made use of his simple fans that need someone to help them solving their problems, not to use them.
We didn’t lose much by his exclusion except that we lost Omar Suleiman as a president at the current stage, and that the way has become opened to Abul Fottoh, the real consensus candidate.