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  • Tuesday ,17 April 2012


J.M Fahmy



Tuesday ,17 April 2012

Few days ago after lots of rumors Ex-Chief of Egyptian Intelligence Stepped In for Presidential Elections 
Lot of reasons makes a lot of 25th January Revolution youth supporters for Omar Suleiman who on January 29 become for a short while for the first time in his long service the vice president of former president Hosni Mubarak. 
In an attempt to contain the revolution Mubarak appointed Mr. Suleiman as his vice president and allegations say he persuaded Mubarak to step down later on February, however automatically he too  had to stop down and since then youth of the revolution always rejected any person who was in power with ex president demanding new bloods as they did lost all confidence in the surrounding personnel of Mubarak!   
With Muslim Brotherhood -MB- in power majority of parliament and trying to monopolize new constitution assembly all of it from MB or its supporters and most institutions stepped away from representing a weak assembly which was selected by MB too accept a pre-written constitution not to discus and generate a constitution. With MB trying to be allover and everywhere people start fearing MB are trying to make from Egypt a new Islamic state under sharia laws and very fanatic views to the point people start being unrest is it going to be another revolution against MB or the military council -MC- which proved a very weak irresponsible surveillance of the revolution and its real goals; in between to powers one worst of the other general public found no alternative but to support Mr. Suleiman running for presidency!  
What is for Mr. Suleiman 
Mr. Suleiman supporters mainly wish he will set the record straight for MB and their increasingly demands for total domination! They see his bright record as former Chief of Egyptian Intelligence a person who knows how to catch the bull from it's horns he has all keys for success in leading the country out of this dark tunnel some ignorant put us in it voting blindly for MB either because they did not know who they are or out of fear to be branded as infidels who deserve public execution, the priests of MB where saying you vote or you are infidel!! Mr. Omar Suleiman record shows excellent negotiations with Israel in liberating kidnapped Israeli officer Giliad Shalit; and since Egypt's peace treaty he become a major political figure. People renning away from MB hope he will bring stability back to their beloved Egypt, some said MB will take Egypt to prehistoric eras while Mr.  Suleiman will bring Egypt back to pre-revolution 1 year or so better than hundreds of years! 
The fact is that Omar Suleiman, has not been brought to him any accusations  after the fall of Mubarak's regime and the end of his role as  Vice-President, he was not talking about having to take over any money or  his involvement in money laundering or other crimes. It is noticeable  that the Muslim Brotherhood, did not you attack  Suleiman  after the fall of the regime of former President Hosni Mubarak, until he announced his intention to run for the presidency, but that Dr.  Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh, a former member of the group who continuously announces his close ties to them,  and a candidate for the presidency, said in televised remarks, but one  day of the fall of the regime of President Mubarak, Omar Suleiman '' a patriot'' 
Another fact the supporter of Mr. Omar Suleiman have to support him is as the head of Intelligence -an institution which has the respect of most Egyptians- it was never reveled of any tortures or pressures common citizens were exposed to from this institution, otherwise stating Mr. Omar Suleiman hands are clear from Egyptian Blood not like former Minister of Internal Affairs El Adli or Mubarak or even Tantawy!   
With all due respect to those ideas and to all Egyptians supporting Mr. Suleiman for saving Egypt from the MB even if this means to go to the MC arms that for so long rejected fiercely with MB my view is that Mr. Suleiman had all keys in his hand to make a military coup d'états … If like allegations clam he was not for Mubarak's regime and he was the one or among the ones that convinced him to step down why he did not force this and had all elements in his hands  being a military figure, someone who kept a close eye not only on enemies outside of Egypt but as well enemies inside Egypt and for sure had to keep 2 eyes on all military personnel to ensure their loyalty and that they do not have hidden agendas!  Moreover, the MC who nominated itself the protector of the revolution -protection from what and whom?- no body knows but we all had seen the 3rd invisible party that kept working and killing revolution youth! This MC that never showed or acted in the best interest of these youth who protested and revolted what ensures Mr. Suleiman will not act same way or even worst? 
However like all Egyptians I see Mr. Suleiman a best saving belt for Egypt from MB not MC and the cleanest Pole of former president Mubarak regime my objection rises from a simple fact that is:  
If you are scared from the devil and fear from it, do not go hide in the church or mosque, do not ask a priest to pray for you but you should have FAITH in God, he said it ASK YOU GET! God also said with FAITH you can move mountains -  Maarouf the shoe maker did it hundreds of years ago - we need to have faith in God and rigid resistance and stop MB terror in Egypt we ourselves must stand for our own rights! Rights are taken never expect to get those rights as a gift from MB who is imposing its rights at your expense and rights calling for Jihad and rivers of blood if presidential elections goes for Mr. Omar Suleiman not their RELIGIOUS Candidates they do support! 
Why all that fear suddenly? Why MB fears elections would not be fair? Is it because they themselves faked people's assembly elections to get the presumed majority that always demonstrate in their terrific protests?  At this crucial time in Egypt when we all need to be united and stand one man, the MB never stood with any one but their own private interests the calls for Jihad, and rivers of PURE EGYPTIAN BLOOD is nothing but terrorism Egypt must say no to it, their call to divide Egypt in to Christian and Muslim is a BIG NO, Egypt United must put a STOP to this TERROR not MC, or Mr. Omar Suleiman or United Nations or any one non Egyptian who does not care of Egypt and its History in this world!