• 14:53
  • Friday ,13 April 2012

Sohag: Police arrest culprits of Arrabit Abu Aziz village

By-Abul Ezz Tawfik

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Friday ,13 April 2012

Sohag: Police arrest culprits of Arrabit Abu Aziz village

General Abdel Aziz al-Nahhas, director of security in Sohag said that they have arrested 4 culprits of those who demolished the house of a Christian man and the others are to be arrested too.

Al-Dawy Ezzat Ekladious, the owner of the house said that policemen have arrested Hussein Hassan, Refaat Mahmoud and Mazhar Abdel Rasoul and investigated the others who demolished the house and threw his family out of it to build a mosque on the land. He added: “they are threatening my life in order to get my waiver, but I refuse and will seek a trial. Hoping that police will return the house to him and the culprits will be judged.
On the other hand, Abu Taleb Murashah, mayor of the village said that Copts and Muslims of the village have good relationships. But after the revolution, some culprits let their beard grow and called themselves Salafis and started to rape the lands of Christians and steal their homes claiming that Islam orders Muslims to do so, and Christians properties are halal (they can rob it as much as they want!). They are wrong, and we have reported the police many times in vain. This time we will testify against them, he added