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  • Friday ,06 April 2012

Worse than bin Laden!

Jack Attalla

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Friday ,06 April 2012

Worse than bin Laden!

 In fewer words: Nominating Khairat al-Shater for the presidency of Egypt is equal or even worse than nominating Al-Zawahiri, criminal of al-Qaeda who is a fugitive in Pakistan. It is also worse than nominating Osama bin Laden to be the king of Saudi Arabia. Only al-Qaeda terrorists and supporters would have accepted it.

Same goes for Egypt… this is a group of terrorists that were lucky to reach the authority according to a plane by president Opama, Netanyahu and King of Saudi Arabia which was carried out by the military and Muslim Brotherhood to let the Egyptian revolution come to an end, converting Egypt to a playground, to convert many Egyptian women to bitches and slaves for the Bedouin of Gulf area. This was the plan during the eras of Sadat and Mubarak, and now they are trying to increase the target number from a million bitch to a couple or maybe five.
To the great Egyptian people I say: Never concentrate only on yourselves, for if they rob your neighbors, they will rob you next. Those Bedouin are sex maniacs and their history is full of sexual crimes, slavery, and sexual harassment of children in addition to marrying them.
Nomination of al-Shater is the same as nominating a criminal who belongs to a terroristic group which were accused of murder, burning, hatred, carrying weapons, killing tourists, international terrorism, and money laundering, etc. I believe military should give an account for the amnesty that they were given.
I hope all Egyptians wake up and listen carefully to the news of today that said 50 percent of the Egyptians want to emigrate out of Egypt. Do you want to leave Egypt for them?